--CircleMUD 3.0 For Dummies--
                                By Daxx (Daxx@angelfire.com)
        Purpose: The purpose of this file is to explain how to set up and
run a CircleMUD to you.  If you are reading this it is probally for 1 of 2
reasons.  First possibility, You want to run a mud and you don't know the
first thing about it.  Or the Second possibility, You are just lazy and
using this file for its code snippets.  So, either way, we shall begin. 
                        --Getting CircleMUD--
        So you have your shell account set up and you are readdy to start
but you have nothing in your account.  The first step you need to take is
to get a copy of the stock CircleMUD code.  So, from your prompt in your
shell account, type "ncftp ftpcirclemud.org".  You will then have the
program ncftp open up and you will be logged into Circlemud.org  From
here you must get into the directory where CircleMUD is located. 
So type the following: "cd pub ; cd CircleMUD ; cd 3.x" ( ; = return ) 
So you are now in the  directory where CircleMUD is located. 
Now depending on what version of  CircleMUD you want, depends on which
file you get.  Personally I use  CircleMUD 3.0 BPL 14.  In order to
download this file, you type "get circle30bpl14.tar.gz"  And you will
then view a downloading chart.  Once your chart is finished, you may
then type at your prompt of ncftp, "close" and "quit".
                        --Un-Compressing CircleMUD--
        So you are back in your shell.  The next step to take is
uncompress your circle files.  So type "gzip -d circle30bpl14.tar.gz" then
after that is finished (there will be no message), type "tar -xvf
circle30bpl14.tar".  You will then see the archive create files in the
directory /circle30bpl14 So now that you have uncompressed the files you
may now remove your base file to conserve memory.  So now type "rm
circle30bpl14.tar" (In the event that somthing goes wrong with your
/circle30bpl14 directory you can just repeat the "--Getting CircleMUD--"
                        --Setting up CircleMUD--
        So now you want to set it up.  The first thing that I do when I
get a copy of circle, is change the directory name.  If you want to do
this, then type "mv circle30bpl14 mud" which will change the directory
name of /circle30bpl14 to /mud.  If you do not do this, substitute
/circle30bpl14 for /mud in this document.  So, now you have to set things
up.  So you type "cd mud", and then you are in the /mud directory.  The
first thing you need to do is run the configure utility.  In order to do
this all you have to type in the /mud directory is "./configure".  After
you type this you will see a series of messages listing things it is
"checking"  And then at the bottom you will see a couple files being
created.  After you finish configure you should see a message saying
"type: cd src ; make all"  So Do that.  After you type make all you will
have to read and aggree to the license.  You can scroll through the
liscence using the space bar.  When finished you will see a little thing
saying (END), from there press "q" and it will say if you agree to the
licence press enter, and if you do not press Control-C.  If you agreed
please continue, if not, please close and delete this file.  So now the
files will be compiling, when they are finished you will see a bunch of .o
files being created, then it will go into the util directory and compile
the .c files again.  And that is all you need for your CircleMUD files
being compiled.  The next step is to change stock circle port number so
find the port number you were assigned by your server and get into the
/mud directory.  You can get there from your src directory by typing "cd
..".  So you are now in the /mud directory.  So now you type "pico
autorun" and in pico press "control-w" and search for the nuumber 4000.
Evreywhere 4000 is found, change it to the port number you were assigned.
Also do the same thing for the files "autorun.pl" and "autorun.cmd".  So
you are totally readdy to run your mud.  So, First things first, get it
running and make a character.  So, Type the following, "./autorun &".  You
will then see somthing like "[1]5265" numbers will vary but the format
should stay the same.  From here you need to type "telnet 0 ####"
replacing #### with the port number you were assigned and that you put
into the autorun files.  You will then connect to the mud and it will say
"Your MUD name here.".  You must make a character and it will be LVL_IMPL,
or level 34.  Immportant commands to have on are "syslog com",
"holylight", "nohassle", and "roomflags".  So now you have your MUD up and
running.  If you want to add levels, see file in the circlemud archive
"~/pub/CircleMUD/docs/3.x/levels.bpl14.txt"  I belive thats the name of
the file, it could be wrong.  I hope that this file has been helpful.  If
you encounter any problems or errors or somthng you need help with, you
may email me at "Daxx@angelfire.com".  Also check out "The Un-Official
CircleMUD Discussion Site" at "telnet://mercury.planetmud.com:6667".